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In the course of the preparations for the first International Hitz Convention (IHC'04) in 2004, a booklet was edited describing the various branches of the family and their relationships. At IHC '04 we came to the conclusion that a more flexible representation would be even more helpful. Thus, this wiki was conceived.

The idea is that you tell us if you feel that the data in this wiki needs updating and we can immediately fix the problem. Even better, you can be registered as wiki user (just let me know) and actively contribute to the collection. In any case, any help to improve our knowledge is appreciated!

The wiki starts at page Overview. Since it was hacked around 2011, many pages have been lost - we are working on rewriting them and hope to have them ready for IHC'14 (however, most of the material seems a bit dated since it was written 2004... So please, send updates!).

Have fun,

Martin (September 2013)

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