William Hitz (1872-1935) ∞ Esther Porter (18??-19??)
William Hitz (1909-2001) ∞ Elizabeth Riddle (1911-1976)

Elizabeth Hitz Gooding (H.9, 1951)

∞ Vaughn Gooding (1949)

→ Sarah Elizabeth Gooding (1992)
→ Vaughn Gooding (1994)

Elizabeth (»Betsy«) Hitz Gooding, daughter of William & Elizabeth Hitz, was born in Washington D.C. She grew up in Chevy Chase and Bethesda, Maryland. Her father, William Hitz, was an Assistant U.S. District Attorney in Washington, D.C. Their summers were spent at Hitz Point, on Deer Isle, Maine, where their great grandmother, Jane Shanks Hitz, built two summer cottages on Penobscot Bay in 1880.

Betsy graduated Lynchburg College in 1973, settled in Rhode Island and took up a career in publishing. She was for 16 years Executive Editor of Cruising World magazine. From 1980-85 she sailed around the world on a 37-foot cutter and chronicled her adventures in the book Sitting Ducks. She returned to Rhode Island, where in 1990 she married Vaughn Gooding, an orthopaedic surgeon. The Goodings have two children, Sarah Elizabeth (Lizzie) and Vaughn. Betsy is currently completing a M.S. degree at University of Rhode Island in Marriage & Family Therapy. The family enjoys sailing, skiing and volunteer activities.

Betsy & Lizzie Madeira 2014

Lizzie & Vaughn (Patagonia 2014)

Betsy & Lizzie (Madeira 2014)

Lizzie & Vaughn (Patagonia 2014)

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