Conrad Hitz (1811-1886) ∞ Anna Panzer (1813-1890)
ConradHitz (1845-1902) ∞ Maria Brunner (1848-1891)
Pista Hitz (1845-1902) ∞ Elena Escuin y Mir (1913-2009)

Helena Hitz Escuin (K.8, 1942)

∞ Francisco Domenech (1938)

Monica Domenech (1966)

Helena was born in Barcelona on December 28, 1942 as daughter of Pista Hitz and Elena Escuin. She went to the German school San Alberto Magno in Barcelona and received the Bachillerato. 1963 she went to Switzerland. In Geneva, she married Francisco Domenech. Her daughter Monica was also born in Geneva.

Helena has always been working as a translator, secretary and coordinator. She is currently living in Tarragona, working for the La Vanguardia newspaper. She loves animals, music, dancing, nature and sports.

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