Conrad Hitz (1811-1886) ∞ Anna Panzer (1813-1890)
Conrad Hitz (1845-1902) ∞ Maria Brunner (1848-1891)
Ottokar Löwit (1864-1945)Johanna Hitz (1874-1957)
Ernst Hoffmann (1895-1968)Maria Löwit (1895-1979)
Hans Voigt (1917-1989)Hilde Hoffman (1923)

Helga Wagner née Voigt (K.10, 1945)

∞ Peter Wagner (1938)

Wolfgang Wagner (1970)
→ Eva Wagner (1972)
→ Brigitte Wagner (1975)

Helga was born 1945 in Heidelberg. She studied Education in Heidelberg and worked for many years as a teacher in a primary school. In the early 90s she studied again at the University of Heidelberg apart from her teaching work and got a degree in Educational Science. Since then she is an instructor for the training and examination of junior teachers and a referent for the instruction of parent agents in the schools of Rhineland Palatinate.

In 1969, she married Peter Wagner who was born 1938 in Bad Elster (Saxony). He studied Geodesy in Dresden. After having left the GDR he spent three years with the German Army and became an officer. He continued to study Civil Engineering at the Technical Universities Graz and Munich. Until he retired he worked with the German Contractor Bilfinger Berger as site manager, structural engineer and project manager of tunnelling, civil engineering and offshore structures. He also managed several research projects in civil engineering and offshore structures. Since 1990 he was head of research and development at Bilfinger Berger. Apart from his engineering job he became a lecturer in 1989 at Ruhr-University Bochum in the field of Tunnelling and Marine Technology. In 1999 he was nominated Honorary Professor. In summer 2004, he gave his last series of lectures.

Their first child, Wolfgang, was born in Mannheim in 1970 and is now married with Jasmine Scheck.

Eva was born in 1972, also in Mannheim. She studied French and Spanish Literature and Philosophy in Freiburg and Grenoble (France). She spent a year at the University of Brussels where she was graduated as a master of theatre studies in 1997. She was product manager at the German Dance Film Institute Bremen for one year and moved to Freiburg where she was in charge of public relation for the Freiburg Ballet Company. The following seasons she was engaged at the public relation departments at the Freiburg and the Tübingen Theatre. Now she is been working as a free lancer and lecturer of theatre and dance studies with special focus on Semiotics.

Brigitte was born in Bad Dürkheim (Palatinate) in 1975. When she was 17 she spent one year at Beyer High School in Modesto California. She studied law at the universities in Jena and Heidelberg where she obtained her degree in 2002. Having made her junior barrister in Düsseldorf and Hamburg she has now qualified for the title of Assessor.

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