Conrad Hitz (1811-1886) ∞ Anna Panzer (1813-1890)
Conrad Hitz (1845-1902) ∞ Maria Brunner (1848-1891)
Albert Hitz (1883-1954) ∞ Hanni Bay (1885-1978)
Hans Benz (1812-1999)Ursina Hitz-Bay (1913-2002)

Katrin Wiederkehr Hochmann (K.9, 1942)

∞ Pedro Hochmann Wiederkehr (1948)

Katrin (daughter of Ursina Hitz Bay and Hans Benz) grew up in Zurich with her siblings Susanna, Verena and Heinrich.

Katrins Grandfather, Albert Hitz, was a frequent guest in his daughter’s family. Katrin remembers her highly imaginative and poetic Grandfather as a great storyteller. He invented for his grandchildren Hidiladimuktina the fairy princess and her breathtaking adventures. The grandchildren where eagerly looking forward to his visits, for every time their grandfather came there was an new installment of the story. He gave selfmade poems, which are still touching to read after so many decades, as birthday-presents. Albert also was a very gifted musician, and Ursina loved to be host to his violin quartet.

Ursina, Alberts first daughter with the painter Hanny Bay, inherited the artistic talent from both sides. She was an excellent pianist, a journalist who illustrated her own texts and a striking beauty to boot.

Ursina's daughter Katrin finished her education with a doctorate of psychology and history of religion at the university of Zurich, followed by training in psychotherapy in Zurich and California. Besides working as a psychotherapist, Katrin became a bestselling author. Her current articles on subjects as „Antike Tassen im Schrank“ can be found in the free internet-journal

Pedro Hochmann Wiederkehr (*1948), Katrin’s husband, also grew up with three siblings in Zurich. He studied economies at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, where he got his license in 1973. He was a self supporting student who earned his life as a travel guide, which also allowed him to see the world. His knack for languages led him to several assignments abroad. His longest employment was with Cementia, where he negotiated and supervised the changing of hands of cement-factories. This task demanded his living for several years in Spain, Italy and the USA. Pedro has been self employed since 1997 and still very busy at work. He is a dedicated jogger. He is also interested in music and its technical reproduction.

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