Conrad Hitz (1811-1886) ∞ Anna Panzer (1813-1890)
Conrad Hitz (1845-1902) ∞ Maria Brunner (1848-1891)
Konrad Hitz (1877-1970) ∞ Rosalia Michelj (1891-1977)

Konrad IV Albert Hitz (K.8, 1908-1999)

∞ Ilse Gratzhofer (1918)

Konrad V Gerhard (Mucki) Hitz (1939)
Helmut Pista Hitz (1941)
Monika Felderer (1949)
Martin Hitz (1959)

Konrad IV was born in 1908 in Cacak (Serbia) where his father Konrad III was working as a civil engineer for the Royal Serbian State Railway. He spent his youth in Prättigau and Engadine (Switzerland). In the 1920s the family moved to Klagenfurt where Konrad III had acquired a construction firm. Konrad IV studied civil engineering at the Technical University of Vienna and joined his father’s company. At New Year’s eve 1938/1939, he married Ilse. As his ancestors, Konrad moved around a lot while taking care of his construction sites, e.g. to Croatia, Norway or to Styria (Hinterberg near Leoben), where son Helmut was born. In 1949 they moved to Villach and in 1972 to Drobollach/Faakersee where Konrad enjoyed hobby astronomy, swimming, sailing and mountain hiking. He died in 1999 after having suffered a stroke a year earlier. Konrad has been a great father to his children Mucki, Helmut, Monika and Martin, especially to the two younger ones for whom he could afford more of his time.

The family has always been managed by Ilse. Educated as a teacher, she has been playing many different roles throughout her life: wife and mother, asset manager, gardener, »family doctor and therapist«, cook and event manager, poet and many more... She is now running the house at the lake which represents an emotional centre for her four children, five children-in-law, ten grand children and eight great-grand children (three more to come in 2009...). Although she has to cope with several age based health problems - most notably her eye-sight -, she is still living by herself in Drobollach and enjoying her great passion: the family.

Konrad IV Hitz

The family of Konrad IV Hitz


Konrad IV (1982)

Konrad IV, Ilse, Helmut, Martin, Monika, Mucki (around 1995)

Ilse (2009)

The bigger picture

The bigger picture (2008)

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