Conrad Hitz (1811-1886) ∞ Anna Panzer (1813-1890)
Conrad Hitz (1845-1902) ∞ Maria Brunner (1848-1891)
Konrad Hitz (1877-1970) ∞ Rosalia Michelj (1891-1977)
Konrad Hitz (1908-1999) ∞ Ilse Gratzhofer (1918)

Konrad V Gerhard (Mucki) Hitz (K.9, 1939)

∞ Helga Gutkas (1941)

Christine Helga Herta Gaggl (1970)
Konrad VI Helmut Anton Josef (1976)

In 1939, Konrad V (»Mucki«) was born in Klagen- furt, Carinthia, as first son of Konrad IV and Ilse Hitz, having the Swiss citizenship.

He spent his childhood and youth together with his siblings Helmut, Monika, and Martin in Carinthia. In 1958 he met his wife Helga the first time. He got his degree in civil engineering from the Technical University of Graz. In 1965 he got mar- ried with Helga. Until 1979 he was heading together with his father their own company in the field of civil engineering. In 1970 and in 1976 his daughter Christine and his son Konrad VI were born, respectively. In 1978 they moved into their new house. In 1980 he took over the responsibility as a technical manag- ing director for a housing association company. Since 2002 he has been retired. Helga and Mucki are enjoying the visits of their children and grandchildren. Helga’s hobby is music, while Mucki’s hobbies are the sea, hunting and playing tennis.

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