Conrad Hitz (1811-1886) ∞ Anna Panzer (1813-1890)
Hans Hitz (1855-1938) ∞ Ida Caflisch (1867-1952)
Hans Arnold Hitz (1896-1990) ∞ »Magy« Eberle (1897-1983)

Luzius (Luzi) Hitz (K.8, 1930)

∞ Margrit (»Tigi«) Zobrist (1933)

Markus (»Marc«) Hitz (1957)
Elisabeth Barbara Hitz (1959)

Luzi (son of Hans Arnold Hitz and Marguérite Eberle) was born in Zurich, lived in Paris until 1940 before the family fled from the Germans to Toulouse, FR. In 1941 they came to Klosters, to Altenrhein, and St. Gallen, all CH. Luzi graduated 1954 from the Swiss Federal Institute in Zurich as master of Mechanical Engineering.

After having worked for Swissair and SIG, he was 37 years with Nestlé, of which 3 years in the US, 3 years in Brazil before transferred in 63 to he Head Office in Vevey, CH. From 1973 he managed the Project Dept. responsible for design and implementation of new factories (50) as well as large extensions, mostly in developing countries. Luzi travelled to over 60 countries.

In his free time, he likes to read books based on science, to ski (he has a collection of around 170 pairs, dating from before 1900 to these days; Luzi is now on the board of the International Skiing History Association and occasionally writes for their magazine SKIING HISTORY concerning historic skis and ski lifts as well as for other journals), old sport cars, mountain walking, genealogy, all sorts of games – including the stock market.

Margrit (»Tigi«) was born and raised in Heri- sau, AR, CH - with ancestors from the canton of Aargau (Zobrist) and Appenzell (Tobler). 1950 she obtained a business diploma with German, French, English and Italian of the »Kantonsschule St. Gallen«; she then perfected her languages in Geneva and London.

After marriage, she devoted most of her time to the family. She likes reading (historical travelling), house decoration, gardening, cooking, swimming, mountain walking and is enjoying her three grandchildren. She is liked by all.

Luzius (2014)

Luzius (2014)

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