Conrad Hitz (1811-1886) ∞ Anna Panzer (1813-1890)
ConradHitz (1845-1902) ∞ Maria Brunner (1848-1891)
Pista Hitz (1845-1902) ∞ Elena Escuin y Mir (1913-2009)
Francisco Domenech (1938)Helena Hitz Escuin (1942)

Monica Domenech (K.9, 1966)

∞ Joaquin Fernández (19??)

→ Joaquin Fernandez Domenech – Fernández Hitz (2000)
→ Alejandro Fernandez Domenech – Fernández Hitz (2005)

Barcelona, Spain

Monica Domenech HITZ, daughter of Francisco and Helena was born in Geneva – CH. She is an international secretary, working in Danone for more than 25 years and now in a pharmaceutical company.

Her husband Joaquin Fernandez is an engineer who has been working in Danone Dairy Company for 40 years and is now in the same pharmaceutical company.

Joaquin is secondary student and surfer, Alejandro is a primary school student and soccer player.

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