The Hitz Family

There are three major branches of the Hitz family tree the leaves of which joined again at IHC ’04 and IHC '09: Descendents of Christian Hitz-Grass (the CHRISTIAN Branch), Hans Hitz-Brosi (the HANS - or John - Branch) and Conrad Hitz-Panzer (the KONRAD Branch):

The Hitz Family Tree

The research into Hans Hitz-Tuffli’s family can be attributed to the professional genealogist Nikolaus Conrad of Klosters and what has been reported since between family members. The connection between the HANS and the KONRAD Branch has been out of doubt since Harold Hitz-Burton came to Switzerland in the forties in the search of his roots. Albert Hitz of the KONRAD Branch not only explained all the genealogic material to Harold in the preparation phase of Harold’s and Selma’s visit, he also reported on visits by John Hitz-Shanks to the »Doktorhaus« in Klosters in Albert’s youth (»the man with the impressive beard«).

The kinship with the CHRISTIAN Branch is not as well established. The respective research dates back to the end of the 1940s when Ida Hitz (1893-1971) of the CHRISTIAN Branch and Albert Hitz of the KONRAD Branch got involved in a lengthy correspondence on family matters. The letters from the crucial phase of this correspondence are unfortunately not available anymore, except for the »final« acknowledging letter of Albert to Ida:

We may thus conclude that there was enough evidence for Albert and Ida that the two branches in fact join at Georg Hitz. Luzi Hitz reported independently in 2004:

Luzi argues that it is very likely (though not necessarily proven) that Georg Hitz represented indeed the common ancestor of our branches. We therefore take this fact as granted and use Georg’s root position (Level 1) in the tree to number subsequent generations. Together with the branch identifiers – »C« for the CHRISTIAN Branch, »H« for the HANS branch, and »K« for the KONRAD Branchthe level numbers are given for every family member heading a subsection in order to easily identify family branch and generation.

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