Conrad Hitz (1811-1886) ∞ Anna Panzer (1813-1890)
Conrad Hitz (1845-1902) ∞ Maria Brunner (1848-1891)
Albert Hitz (1883-1954) ∞ Hanni Bay (1885-1978)

Ursina Benz-Bay (K.8, 1913-2002)

∞ Hans Benz (1812-1999)

Susanne Spinatsch-Benz (1938)
Verena Stummer (1939)
Katrin Wiederkehr (1942)
Heinrich Benz (1945)

Ursina, the eldest daughter of Albert Hitz, was born in Chur in 1913 and died in Zürich in 2002. She was a beautiful woman (model for Haller's impressive statue on Lake Zürich), wrote and illustrated for various magazines throughout her life, and also raised four children:

Susanne Spinatsch-Benz, formerly married to Jürg Spinatsch of Arosa, lived in the USA for most of her life, just retired from being a real estate broker for 25 years and now is enjoying Zurich greatly again. Her first daughter Martina Spinatsch Kaiser, graduated from University of Pennsylvania, married to Perry, lives in Scottsdale Arizona, where she has a leading position with the Dial Corporation. Dec. 2003 they had their first child, Sara Kathryn. Susanne’s second daughter, Christa Held-Spinatsch, also graduated from U Penn, is a director of investment banking at UBS. She and her husband Sascha live in Frankfurt with homes in Arosa and Key Largo. (Mother Susi gets to visit a lot of nice places.)

Verena Stummer is an artist (in the footsteps of Hanni Bay), lives in Zurich and has a daughter, Eva Hiestand-Stummer (cf. below), a veterinary doctor, who has an Animal Practice specializing in horses, in Ruswil, LU. Verena works part-time, has an active social life and loves to garden and to ride her bike.

Katrin Wiederkehr, also living in Zurich, is a Psychologist and the author of the best-seller »Wer loslässt hat die Hände frei« as well as other publications.

Heinrich Benz lives near Perth, Australia. He had a career in IT which was rudely interrupted in 1992, then studied media, and is presently involved in cycling advocacy, trying to get people out of cars and on to bicycles. Heiri has five children by three mothers: Alice, Joy, Hans, Mathilde and Jack. He lives with the last three and a few times each year all of them, and their mothers, get together for a family party.

Eva Hiestand

Eva Hiestand

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